TyVy Pet Training with K-9 Perceptions – Now in Tampa!

K-9 Perceptions uses science based techniques and positive reinforcement to train dogs. Dog training is all about communication, structure, and understanding what dogs want and need. In our training we focus on creating a healthy relationship with the dog and finding out what motivates them. We typically will use redirection or lure techniques to guide dogs in positions and intermittent conditioning to build a strong response. We use obedience training to help structure a dog’s life giving them guidance on what’s expected of them.

The obedience commands a dog learns becomes their vocabulary and way of communicating with us. We can use these commands to shape problem behaviors into behaviors we prefer. In many cases we find that the problem behaviors developed because a dog either hadn’t been directed on how to behave in that situation, lacks impulse control, or struggles with stress coping skills. We have found if teach a dog focus, let them know what’s expected of them, and have a healthy relationship/bond with that dog behavior problems tend to go away.

Training Packages:

Group Classes


Group classes can be great for basic obedience training and learning more about dog behavior. A group class is a session in which we focus on demonstrating and educating the owner about training and how to apply it with their dog. These classes are typically shared with up to 7 other dogs.

  • Each week you will be assigned homework and exercises to practice.
  • The following week’s class we will review progress and move on to new material.
  • Our group classes focus on obedience, meet once a week for an hour, and lasts four weeks.
  • Common obedience commands addressed: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Place, Leave It, Come.
  • Common behavior issues addressed: Jumping, Pulling on Leash, Barking Issues, Aggression, Fear issues, Anxiety, Destructiveness, Hyperactivity, Potty Training

The rate for group classes is $100 which includes four classes, homework assignments, and access to the trainers for questions via email, text, or phone.

School for Dogs

$375 per week + Daycare/Boarding Fee

The School for Dogs program is an in depth training program that can cover everything from behavior issues to obedience.

  • In this program we will teach your dog focus and impulse control through obedience training.
  • Then, we will work with the dogs directly on problem behavior reconditioning more appropriate responses.
  • Lastly, we shift the focus on to you the owner. We work with the owner through what we call the exit consult teaching you how to handle your dog, appropriately address behavior issues, and assign homework exercises to create a better relationship with the owner and provide structure at home. We will then work with the owner through follow up sessions ensuring everything at home is going well.

In the School for Dogs program you can choose between Daycare + Training or Boarding + Training.   The rate is $300 per week for the training plus the daycare fee or a discounted boarding fee.

Private Lessons

$100 per Session

We offer private lessons at the TyVy Pet Hotel facility or at home for an additional travel fee.  Private lessons can be great for isolated behavior issues or obedience.

  • In a lesson we will start off forming a training plan to address your goals.
  • We then begin working with your dog to demonstrate techniques.
  • Then it’s time to get you involved and guide you through dog training techniques.
  • After we worked for about an hour we will use the notes we’ve taken during the session to type up a solid training plan and homework for the owner to practice that we email out to you the following day.

We generally meet once a week to every other week. Our goal in the lessons are to provide you with as much information as possible, allow you to work on it at home, and once you have either achieved progress or ran into a problem we schedule the next appointment.

The rate for Private Lessons is $100 per session at the facility and at home lessons have an additional travel fee of .50 per mile. Many behavior issues may require the School for Dogs program as we have access to other dogs, people, and distractions at the facility.

Dog Trainers

K-9 Perceptions trainers have experience in training everything from service dogs, general obedience, behavior issues, hunting dogs, and even protection work. If you have a unique training concern reach out to us we are glad to answer any questions.

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