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Luxurious Cat Boarding in West Bloomfield, MI

Getting ready for vacation but stressing over who will look after your pets? At TyVy Pet Hotels, we offer affordable cat boarding in West Bloomfield, MI where your cats will receive the same warmth, care and attention as you give them at home. Relax, and enjoy your down time while your cat enjoys theirs as well!

Whether you need overnight, weekend or extended services, our trained and experienced staff of animal care professionals take pride in taking care of your cats, and understand that cats have special requirements that we’re happy to fulfill. By providing a welcoming, cat friendly environment, we keep your cats separated from frisky and barking dogs to keep them calm and relaxed.

We encourage you to bring your kitty’s favorite bedding and toys to make them feel right at home. Our establishment for cat boarding in West Bloomfield, MI is fully equipped to accommodate cats of any size and personality, so you can be certain that your kitty will enjoy the most welcoming environment possible!

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Lavish Cat Condos

At TyVy cat boarding, we provide luxurious and fully facilitated condos for your special companions. Our cat condos are equipped with glass walls to let your cat see what is going outside, and each and every condo is accommodated with cozy furniture and engaging toys to keep your cat entertained. Some other amenities in our lavish condos include:

Bi-level Accommodation | Personal Kitty Litter Boxes |  Scratch Posts |

We offer each cat plenty of time throughout the day to roam or play in our spacious cat room, which offers plenty of exciting toys that make for countless hours of fun! Our pet spa offers a comprehensive full-vacay experience for your cat, and our experienced stylists ensure that your kitty is squeaky clean upon pickup.

*Please consult with our front desk attendant for special accommodations for your kitty.

*Requirements: Rabies & FVRCP Vaccinations

Affordable Cat Boarding in West Bloomfield, MI

Here at TyVy cat boarding, we treat each and every pet as our own. We provide superior quality of service and nutritious food to your cats. We do not compromise with the health of your kitty so all of our food bowls are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to avoid any infection.

We ensure the safety of your pets and have our own vets that are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency. We understand that you will miss your beloved cats, so we keep you updated through plenty of cute pictures.

We offer a vast range of services like daycare, boarding and training, and are prepared to make your cat feel right at home while you’re away.

Call us at 248-221-2882 or write at bloomfield@tyvy.comto seek the best services for Cat Boarding in West Bloomfield, MI

Tampa Prices

$20 Cat Condos

West Bloomfield Prices

$22 Cat Condos