Whether your fur babies are rolling in something smelly in the backyard or are kicking up one’s heel in the park, sometimes they really turn up dirty and stinky. Surely, you can provide them with a hose down at home.

But, what about a spa day for your furry mate? Getting your dog decked up and stylish is much more affordable than you can imagine.

You must be wondering “ what is exactly a dog spa”? Dog spas are no more considered as a novelty but an emerging pet grooming salon from shed care to hair color to “pawdicure”. We strive to find out what’s behind the scenes and what it actually cost so that you have something fun to fit in your budget.

What’s In The Spa Menu?

The foremost reason to take your pooch to a dog spa is for full-service bath. Why DIY in your apartment’s  bathtub, when your tail wavering friend can be pampered with a shampoo, blow – dry, ear cleaning, nail trim and a lot more? Prices vary according to your dog size and their coat but assure you to fit in your pocket without breaking your budget.

Even, haircuts are considered one of the leading reasons to visit groomers. Apart from these, salons can get really creative with the cuts, making dogs look like other animals or make them appear like stuffed dolls.

By enrolling with the salon, you can take simple bathing and grooming techniques to the next level. For instance,

  • Nail “Pawlish”
  • Teeth brushing
  • Massage

How Much A Dog Spa Cost?

In the sea full of options, TYVY takes the best veterinary services and combine them with the excerpt of finest grooming services. So, you must be pondering about how many visits to the dog spa costs?

Prices for all services at spa depend foremostly, upon the size of your dog and location.  But at Tyvy, the professionals strive to pamper and primp your pooch with the perfect day off at a spa that too without shelling out a huge amount.

Advantages Of Good Grooming

Good sanitation and regular grooming not just make your pets look great, but simultaneously it’s important for their health too. You might be known with some of the mistakes pets parents do, whereas infrequent bathing is one of them.

Booking an appointment for your dog for a  spa keeps them healthy and happy. Below are some advantages pocketed to help you choose with the best spa in town for your energetic tail wavering friend.

  • Grooming helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.
  • “Pawdicure” not just help in maintaining nail short and trim but help in reinforcing the foot structure and shape, keepin the infection at bay.
  • Undoubtedly, your pet will look great and smell great.
  • Shiny, and properly brushed hairs shed less.
  • Regular visit help you in detecting early issues with ear, foot, and skin.

A Healthy Tip: To avoid painful nail breaking and injury, your dog’s nail should not touch the ground while they are standing.  

The Nutshell: Last but never the least, whether you are a newbie dog parent or a dog aficionado, dogs never fail to make you happy, and now it’s your turn to make them feel the same way. Gift them a day off at the best in town TYVY spa and salon, as it is easier to pamper your pooch in a luxurious spa.

To book your fur babies appointment with the professionals, ring at 813-543-6119,  and leave everything on the stylist for keeping them in chic shape for the big day.