There are times when you have to go on a business trip or a vacation, but you cannot take your lovable pet along with you. It is a dilemma faced by majority of cat and dog owners.

Leaving your pet with a neighbor or a relative is not always a good idea; they may not be able to give proper time and attention to your pet as you do.

However, you can leave your pet at a reliable, luxurious cat and dog daycare in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and Tampa, Florida, for peace of mind as you’re away for a long time.

Having said that it  does not mean you can leave your furry  friend at the first pet hotel you find near you!

Read on to know what to look for while checking a pet hotel in or around your location.

Amenities & Facilities

Make sure you check the list of amenities and facilities offered at a doggy day care in West Bloomfield to ensure your pet is secure, healthy, and happy during the stay.

Since your pet would be exposed to a new environment, the atmosphere must be stress-free. Check out some essential things to look out for:

  • Clean bedding
  • Neat, well-kept indoor and outdoor space
  • Nutritious feeding
  • Experienced, well-trained staff
  • On-board veterinarian
  • Personal playtime
  • Professional dog training
  • Spa and grooming
  • Pictures via Email

Find out more about its market reputation. You can also read Google reviews to get a fair idea about the quality of its services.

Well-trained Staff

No matter how well-equipped the hotel is, its staff is instrumental to keep your pet hale and hearty throughout the day. . Professional staff should have vast experience and knowledge to understand every pet’s unique characteristics and behavior in different situations.

In case of emergency, dog or cat trainers do not panic and take the most suitable course of action in the best interest of your pet.

From keeping a close tab on their activities, playing, feeding to walks around, professional and dedicated hotel staff make a notable difference in your experience.

Sleeping Rooms

Good, sound sleep is essential not just for you but for your pet too. After a day’s activities which include playing with other pets, training, and exercising, your loved dog or cat deserves to get a long sleep.

The sleeping rooms should be clean, well-organized and with proper bedding, ventilation, and lighting.

You can also ask the staff to make some changes in bedding if your pet is allergic to any specific fabric

Feed Quality

The quality of food served to your pet is also very important. Your pet may be on a specific diet plan or allergic to certain food items.

You should check the food items generally served to pets at a hotel. If your dog or cat is on medication, the responsibility of giving medicines on time lies with the staff.

To ensure your pet’s good health, make sure no stale items are served.


A new environment with strangers around can add to your pet’s anxiety and stress level. So, it becomes important for it to get exposed to other pets in a comforting environment. . It will give your pet a good company and entertainment in your absence.

In The End

Pets are just like your family members who depend on you for physical and emotional support. The hotel you choose should have a responsible staff that can take care of your pet’s food, exercise, medications, food, clothing, and other needs.

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