Whether you are an experienced dog owner or a newbie, nurturing your pets through all seasons with utmost love and care is your sole responsibility. As we know, cold breezes are around the corner with dropping temperatures, numbing wetness, bitter chilly flakes causing discomfort to your tail wagging friend – especially your dog!

So, paying a little more attention to your pet’s well being will ensure your four-paw friend enjoy the winter season to the most!


Is Your Dog Ready To Embrace The Winter?

Ensure your pet’s health by getting ready to meet the winter chills with accustoming your loving pet with winter pitfall and solutions. Start with the below tips to help you avoid any potential health concerns for your pet:


1. Keep A Tab On Temperature Change

Harsh winters can pose threats to your tail-wagging friend. Many dogs who are left outside, even if protected in a dog house, are prevalent to winter chills harming their health.

Although, your dog has a sheath of thick fur, a full body jacket can cover their neck and body for those long winter walks.

Best Dog House for Winter

It will not only prevent your dogs from frostbite but will make sure that he or she does not catch a cold!


2. Moisturize

Just as like humans, dogs also face dryness and flaky skin during dry and cold winters. So, the best way to avoid the burden is to add coat and skin supplements to your dog food.

Simultaneously you can pamper your furry mate with a special dog spa appointment to ensure well groomed and shining skin. If you have noticed, during cold season paws, tail and ears are dry and sometimes cracking, and applying coconut oil surely helps in healing.


3. Hydration Is The Key

Dehydration also happens in dogs during the wintertime, and eating snow is not the appropriate option. It has never been a right substitute of drinking freshwater.

So, make sure you regularly change the drinking water for your pet and it is always in access to your pet’s reach, especially if you keep them outside. Break the ice time to time that forms on top and around the bowl to avoid any unsavory bite.


4. Try To Pace With Sunshine

Walking and working out are utmost important for your pet’s health. But during winters, try to catch the sunshine also. Instead of early morning walks, switch to late morning walks and early evening walks, matching the pace with the sunshine.

Make a point to spend time with your energetic friend by playing during the time sun is shining bright. Don’t to forget to carry their toys instead of sticks in your backpacks to make them work out a bit and loosen up their muscles.


5. Comfortable & Cozy Beds

As you might have already confined your furry mates time outside, take care of the place where they sleep. Don’t let your dog sleep on the cold floor. Make sure your dog has a comfortable bedding keeping them warm during the winters, as heaters are not much suitable for them.

And, if by chance, you are spanning the corners of the globe, and cannot take your dog along, assure a good and friendly environment dog hostel for their stay.

Therefore, before selecting any name from the crowded option of the sea, have a background check of the environment, quality, and staff. Contact TyVy for the best care for your enthusiastic tail wagging mates.

And The Last, when it comes to making your canine friends winter-ready, nothing works wonder as a winter hug. As winter cuddles are the best way to keep everyone warm.