Being a pet parent is no less than fathering a real child.  From feeding, playing to managing their health, and complete wellbeing, you can’t spend a day without looking over your furry friend. 

While you have the best dog boarding in West Bloomfield at your service, you can’t shrug away from all the responsibilities of a pet owner. For those who are new to parenting a dog, we are sharing five tips to keep your puppy hale and hearty at  the new forever home: 

1. Home Training Is Important 

You’ve welcomed the dog with an overwhelming smile and joy. But what about disciplining the puppy? Training your dog should be part of your routine. 

From the basic potty training to behavioral and obedience training, your dog must be taught how to display appropriate behavior at home, and in front of others. Ensure your dog is trained at a scheduled time, and place, without a miss. 

And, If you’re having a hard time training your dog yourself, consider the nearest doggie daycare in West Bloomfield to seek professional help. 

2. Buy Essential Products For Dogs

Your pet needs his or her own things just like you do.  Products that are custom made for their age, size, and behavior to ensure complete safety and health. 

This includes toys, food, and water bowls, personal ID tag, harness/leash for both walks and training. Your puppy will grow in no time, so you can look for alternatives for dog beds, sheets, and blankets. But that totally depends on your budget. 

3. Dog Food

A puppy needs proper nutrition for natural growth and energy. So, purchase high-quality dog food that meets all the health requirements and boost energy and longevity.

Do read the ingredient labels before purchasing any dog food. This will not just keep your pooch happy but healthy and reduces your visits to the vet. If you’re clueless, ask other pet owners or your vet for the best diet that includes home-cooked food and occasional treats. 

4. Give them A Play Area

Dogs are very curious about their surroundings. So they will sniff around possibly every corner of the house before finding their own space. 

Build a special play corner filled with their toys, bed, and other things to make them feel safe and protected—a home of their own.  Ensure light and proper ventilation so they don’t feel suffocated and can peek over the porch, garden, or the roads around. 

5. Is Your House Pet-Ready? 

Dogs can bite and chew things unimaginable. From your hardwood furniture, slippers to other household items, they can possibly attack anything and everything.

Keep them distracted with other games and puzzles. Plus, training helps. 

While you’re keeping everything intact, keep all the fragile and sharp objects away from their reach. What is dangerous for your child, is equally harmful to the puppy! Right? 

And if god forbid, something untoward happens, medical intervention is strongly recommended along with other regular checkups with your veterinarian. 

While you’re excited about living with the new, four-legged member of your family, ensure you do all the things necessary, beyond the five tips, to have a great time ahead.