When your dog pants a bit harder than usual after a walk in the park or starts to look greyer than before, it is time you let it sink in that your dog has entered into the ‘golden’ phase of its life. 

Though it’s always a little difficult to admit our dog is aging because they are still running, having fun with you you can’t deny that your pooch is in dire need to have cared for more than before.

If you are not in a position to provide for better care of your dog that you used to, consider admitting it to a dog daycare facility in Tampa that assures a comfortable stay, keeping your pup healthy and young at heart.

In either case, it is important to recognize the aging signs, encourage some lifestyle changes, and ensure that its age does not take a toll on the quality of its life.

Let’s discuss a few routine changes that you can make for keeping your pet healthy and happy at a declining age.

Physical Activity Is Must

As your dog’s age, having it indulge in a regular exercise routine would have a positive impact on its health. Take your dog on a short walk and monitor its breathing to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

Along with physical exercise, mental health is important too. Get your pooch started with food puzzles to keep it super active and sharp.

Dress for the Weather

It’s pretty obvious for your senior dog to face discomfort that comes with extreme weather conditions, be it cold or scorching heat of the summer.

During winters dog boots and a fleece blanket will keep it warm and cozy inside your home. In summers, keep it in under a comfy shade and let have cool water. Cooling coats and kiddie pools make a cool choice for water-loving dogs.

Visit a Vet Regularly

Take your senior dog to a vet at least twice a year. As a part of a routine health examination, it may require blood samples, dental care, vaccine boosters, and heartworm tests. 

Besides, many breeds are prone to some health ailments like diabetes, cancer, and arthritis, etc. Early detection can prevent them from turning into a major health issue.

Don’t Skip Grooming

For a good grooming session, check on your pooch’s nails and clip them for excess growth. Long, untrimmed nails can result in pain and make it reluctant to do its exercise properly or engage in fun activities inside or outside the home.

It is always better to opt for organic shampoos for healing the itchy skin and better nourishing the coat.

Feed the Right Food

A balanced diet is pivotal for maintaining the health and wellness of your aging pet. They usually face diet-related issues like chewing, obesity, lack of appetite, and digestion problems as they age.

Be sure to add more fiber to help with digestion and maintain ideal body weight. Supplements like glucosamine or fish oil can help relieve joint pain, which they might already be facing without you knowing.

Taking care of your older dog may involve a little more than usual effort but it would all be worth for your beloved lifetime companion. 

Your little pup has always been at your service selflessly. It’s your time to pay back by showering all your care, love and support that your pooch truly deserves.

Are you amongst those pet owners who barely get the time to be home? Consider a second home for your dog in a Tampa-based daycare and you wouldn’t be anxious about taking care of your furry friend in future.