Every time pet owners plan to travel, they are faced with a familiar problem – how to ensure their cuddly friend will be taken care of in their absence?

Some pet owners choose to travel with their pets, and others look up to friends or neighbors to care for their animals while they are away.

Pet boarding and pet sitting services are convenient options, albeit their pricing and functioning differ  significantly.

The type of cat and dog daycare services in Tampa & West Bloomfield you choose mainly depends on your requirements. Some of the confounding questions include

  • Will your dog or cat comfortable with other animals?
  • Do you fear for his safety at night when no one is around?
  • Is he too fearful and socially unpredictable in a foreign environment and would be better off at home?
  • For how many days can your pet stay away?

These are crucial factors to consider before you go on choosing between a pet boarding facility and pet sitting service. Let us read more about both services and how they are different from each other as you make the final decision:

Pet Boarding

A day boarding facility has been the most popular option for pet owners. The good news is that luxury pet hotels have entirely changed the way animals are treated at such facilities. The days of cold concrete and steel runs or steel or plastic cages are long gone by.

Think of any modern amenity and you’ll find it in a  full-service dog salon and spa – on-site veterinarian, rubber flooring, webcam capabilities, retail and treat boutique, personal playtime, dog park, fitness center, and much more!

If you want the best for your loyal friend, choose the best dog day care hotel near you and let experts take care of him.

As mentioned earlier, pricing for boarding alternatives varies according to the amenities chosen by you. Choosing a well-equipped pet boarding facility with well-trained staff and a relaxed, playful environment can reduce the stress of a new environment and strange human companions.

This additional expense is well worth it if you want your pet to stay relaxed and pampered in your absence.

Pet Sitting

One of the main differences between pet sitting and boarding is that your pet gets to remain in his/her home. An experienced sitter will visit your home at a scheduled time in a day or night, and take care of your pet just like you do.

Their services include:

  • Feeding
  • Exercising
  • Grooming
  • Health monitoring
  • Administering medications
  • Dog walks

Some pet sitters not only provide care but also can live at the owner’s house to give a constant companionship, at least for the night time. Pet sitting may be cheaper as compared to boarding as there is no need for add-on services offered at a luxury pet hotel.

Having sitters also provide an additional benefit of “supervision” to the homeowner. Live-in sitters can also perform normal household activities to discourage potential robberies. Pets with live-in sitters receive more personalized attention and show fewer signs of stress when they are in a familiar environment.

The Bottom Line

Whether your dog or cat is better off in a pet boarding or pet sitting environment is ultimately your choice. However, if you want your loyal partner to get the best environment and care, then choosing a reliable and luxurious pet hotel have plenty of perks to offer. .

In the long run, it is likely to be the best option for your pet’s physical and emotional well being. Do share your experience with dog day care or sitters in the comments section below: