Going on vacation for pet owners can sometimes cause worry. Whether its social obligation or a work trip, no dog lover wants to leave their cute furry friend behind. 

Taking your pet along is not a smart choice so it makes sense finding the right pet boarding facility in Tampa that feed your dog well and keep him/her healthy and happy. 

It’s a good idea to weight down all the pet care options so you can make the right choice. This checklist will make sure your pet has a good time while you are away:

Boarding Trial

If your pup is going through separation anxiety, plan a trial boarding stay. This helps to make your pup acclimatize with the new surroundings. At least a 24-hour trial stay eases your dog and makes him comfortable adopting a new routine. 

Medicine And Supplements

Many dogs are on certain medications and your dog daycare in West Bloomfield, MI will be happy to manage these as and when required. Before leaving, list down important instructions such as dosage amount and schedule. 

If the medicine to be taken with food, it is wise to include them in the pre-packaged meal bags. Besides regular medications, include emergency medication that you think may come handy in an emergency. 

Keep Dog Comfortable

Despite what comforts the boarding facility offers, nothing compares to the comfort of home. So, try to bring a familiar rug, toy or anything your pup loves, this will give him a sense of security and safety. 

You may even bring your dog’s bed, but be sure to seek the permission from the pet boarding facility. 

Pack Pet’s Personal Items

Make sure to pack enough food that lasts for the duration of your kitchen, food and water bowl. Also, keep a note of instructions on how your pet should be fed, toys and special medications or other special care needs. 

Think of all the possible items that will keep your dog happy and pack them for the stay. 

Also, check if the facility offers additional services you wish to take advantage of such as grooming, examination, dental cleaning and blood work. 

Visit Dog’s Veterinarian

It is essential that you de-flea your dogs every now and then. Besides, update your dog’s vaccinations two weeks before the boarding happens. Both of these precautions are much needed prior to the boarding.

While it’s never fun to leave your pup behind, boarding is definitely a great solution for those looking for a way to care for their furry friend. Your pup is definite to have a healthy and happy experience while in-boarding. 

Boarding your furry friend does not have to be an overwhelming task especially if you choose a trusted dog boarding facility. Best of luck with your pet boarding search!