While you are away from your home, you always want your mischievous kitty to be well cared of. In-home cat sitter or boarding your cat in the best cat day boarding makes the two perfect options for ensuring they are well taken care of.

Although, both proffer a good option for affordable yet comfortable pet care. Do not make hasty calls without considering the risks.

Before letting someone into your home for cat sitting duties or sending your tabby to a cat boarding, firstly pay attention to their age, needs, and personality.

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Benefits of Cat Sitting

There are very few to the list but still considered a smart decision. Mostly, who had opted for this option once stick to it every time they go out for travel. Have a look below at some of the benefits of a cat sitting at home.

  • Your cat stays in her place, her own comfort zone, which is the safest and comfortable place for her.
  • There is no need to transfer your cat to a new place, where there are new surroundings, scents, and people who are practically strangers.
  • Daily routine and feeding regime remains the same.

Home cat care represents a less stressful option as there are very few changes to be made. While cats are known for needing less human interactions in comparison to other pets, still you can’t leave them all alone either.

Benefits Of Cat Boarding

For a greater chunk, boarding their cats is a personal preference. Especially, cat boarding ticks all the boxes of the need for the one who doesn’t like anyone coming to their house in their absence.

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  • If it is not possible all day play, feeding and exercise regimes can be kept.
  • Especially boarding your cat in a professional and luxurious cat boarding, let your cat roam freely.
  • Special care for their diet and medication.
  • Lastly, your cat is kept in a safe and secure environment.

Many professional cat stays have upped their game over the last decade.  Depending on what your pets need, you can surely go for individual housing, sharing places that meet their special needs.

The Final Decision is Yours

Generally, people consider cat boarding as a professional and best approach for their fur babies as they are out for long hours or going for vacation. Although,  while you make the decision, consider the options of her age, personality, and feeding before making the final call.

Which One Do You Prefer?

If you are looking for an option to pamper your furry mate while you span the corners of globe, rely on TYVY experts. A name known for luxurious cat stays with comfortable and safe ambiance.

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