At some instance in life, you have to leave your furry friend behind while you backpack for your adventurous journey. After all, it is not easy to leave your pooch, you want to make sure your dog stays in comfortable and safe dog care while you span the corners of the globe.

So, if you are thinking to board your dog in a hostel, ask your veteran and friends for the recommendations. Give a background check to the several dog boarding to know more. We have chalked down some of the questions dog owners have before making any choice.

Is The Boarding Licensed & Authorized?

As you know, when a dog boarding is certified and licensed, they set themselves under the terms they must operate. This inculcates a dog limit and utmost of all their safety and cleanliness. On the mount of certification, the dog hostel needs to provide insurance coverage.  This cover all the expenses in the situation if your dog harm other companions, destroy their property, or met with an accident or get sick while being in their care.

Can I Tour The Facilities?

If the answer is something other then “yes”, trust your gut and hightail. This is a must if they won’t let you tour, leave immediately.

Simultaneously, when you tour, make sure the boarding is neat and clean with a lot of space. It will ensure you with ample time to look around and get the feeling of the vibe of the dog boarding and decide whether it is a right fit for your four-legged friend.

What Will My Dog Eat?

Boarding might turn stressful for your dog if they are accustomed to it. A small shift in their diet can add to their stress in the body possibly resulting in vomiting or diarrhea. However, bringing your dog food is the best way to prevent it or ask if there are some extra charges for feeding a special diet. Make sure to emphasize on the importance of feeding your canine friend her own food.

While onboarding, some dogs do not eat well, so add something more tasty yet healthy that makes their food more tempting and palatable. Ensure the dog facility with instructions regarding what your dog eats and cannot.

How Long My Dog Will Be Walked?

Some of the boarding facilities only let the dog out twice in a day for a few minutes. If your dog is used to this, then it would not be any problem. But, if you want your dog should get a little bit more exercise, search for a place that is able to walk your dog three or more times a day.

Even, you can ask them for a fence confined area, where your dog can run and roam a bit.  If not so, look for the options if attendants can walk them around for some time rather than just relieving them quickly and putting them back.

How Much Expense Dog Boarding Going To Cost?

Your dog’s temporary accommodation is an essential part of budget planning your vacation. Be direct with the dog facilities. Ask them about the base fees per day on the type and size of dog you have. Find out any extra fees or hidden charges for feeding your dog a special diet, medications, or taking them for an extra stroll. Try to have a written rough estimate in advance if possible.

After You Found The Right Fit For Your Canine Friend

Now, if you have managed to find the right choice of Dog Boarding in Tampa, it’s the right time to deck up for your dog’s stay:

  • Make the reservation for your dog before the facility may be fully booked.
  • As the time approaches for your dog boarding, remember her food, special instructions, and any other permissible item.
  • Make sure to drop your contact number while you are on your trip plus a local emergency number in case you can’t reach on time.

Last but never the least, proffer your energetic tail wavering friend with the best in class fully-equipped pet hotel at TYVY for your most loyal companions.

For any queries and assistance, feel free to contact at 813-543-6119 and fizz your all worries in just one go.