It’s a myth that letting cats unwind outdoors is very much required to make them happy! However, such is not the scenario anymore considering that pets can be fully content in their little abode!

There is no dearth of cat boarding facilities in West Bloomfield, MI that allow your pet to have a great time away from home. Yet a growing number of people consider sharing their lives with a pet in their apartment as well.

Anyhow if you are deemed about living in an apartment with your kitty, let’s ponder upon these amazing tips and tricks to keep your cats happy and safe:

Choose The Apartment Carefully

Check beforehand that cats are permitted to live in your apartment. You may need to check on the breed and the number of cats you can actually parent.

Choose between private and communal apartment, whichever is important to you. If you have a balcony, see that your kitty is safe and does not risk safety. In the case of ground floor apartments, check that your pet is secure within the garden.

Your Type Of Cat

If your cat spends a lot of time within the apartment, then tiny cats would be a better option. Instead of a kitten, adopting an adult cat is a good idea.

Using the breed selector tool, you can easily decide which cat is right for you. Alternatively, seek recommendations from an experienced cat boarding facility in West Bloomfield.

Fun And Games

Especially those cats that are kept indoors must be given a great range of toys for amusement and prevent any destructive behavior.

Shuffle toys to keep your cat’s interest alive in fun activities and make sure you interact with your cat when at home. Keeping your feline happy and amused will help reduce potential behavior problems like; boredom, noise, and anxiety.

Room With A View

Most cats enjoy peeping outside so give them a window ledge or a table next to your window to enjoy breathtaking views. However, be cautious of any external disturbances that may disturb your kitty. 

Cats also like to sit up high and watch things around as they want. Give them access to shelves, benchtops, sills, tables to have a high rise option.

Climate Control

Especially in winters, cats like sun-basking and enjoy long naps. But, in summers, you may have to block the sun rays into your apartment since the temperature can rise swiftly.

Besides, ventilation may also be required but make sure windows remain closed and not open as otherwise, it would be a good escape route for your little pet friend.

If you’ve friendly neighbors, introduce your kitty to them. Cats are indeed a great conversation starter and your neighbors may appreciate having an animal companion around.

They may feed your cat and keep the kitty safe and secure and happy while you’re away. Stay tuned to know more about cat care tips!