You love your dog to the moon and back. Yet they are susceptible to health problems, and as a pet parent, you must be alert to the cues that call for medical intervention.

Even if you’re sending your pooch to the best dog daycare in West Bloomfield, your responsibilities as a dog owner don’t end there. Instead, you must inform the dog keepers to take extra care of your pet, and report suspected health issues if any. 

Herein, we are listing five such clinical signs that pet owners must be wary of: 

1. Lethargy 

A lazy dog often does not raise concern. However, if it happens for a prolonged period of time, then ignorance is not the best suite. From showing disinterest in playing, reluctance to take regular walks, not eating properly to avoiding human interaction, your vet can help you determine the underlying health concern. 

It could be anything, from some food allergy, dehydration to any serious health issue that calls for proper treatment.

2. Poor Appetite 

Dogs can be moody and may refuse to eat regular food, once a while. However, if the behavior continues for more than 24hrs, its about time your dog needs veterinary care. 

The possible reasons include any underlying illness ( cancer, liver problems, kidney infection, or anything else), dental issues ( gingivitis and an oral tumor), motion sickness, or any other behavioral challenge.

3. Abnormal Urination 

Drinking and urination is a common pattern among dogs. However, if they’re urinating less or in excess,  it could be more than just normal. What may look benign, turns into a major health condition. 

If your pooch is struggling to urinate, this could be a case of urinating tract infection.  Common among dogs,  you may notice some changes in your dog’s urine— blood, foul smell, or trying too hard to urinate. These are strong clinical indications of infection in the kidneys or bladder.  

4. Vomiting

Over-fed your pooch? It’s nothing new for pet parents to feed their dogs more than necessary. In many cases, dogs eat more than they can digest, and end up vomiting and feel dehydrated.   

Well, it can be ignored once a while but not if it happens at frequent intervals. 

Typically, vomiting suggests gastrointestinal infection, food intolerance, gulped some toxic substance, parasites in stomach, viral infection, or something beyond that. 

Also, look for signs such as blood in the vomit if you have got a sinking feeling about the vomiting and seek emergency medical care. 

5. Diarrhea 

Another common occurrence among dogs. However, abnormal changes in your dog’s stool such as consistency or color are potential signs of a medical illness.  

From acute to chronic diarrhea, your dogs need medical intervention apart from the close supervision from pet owners on what all the dogs eat and drink, round the clock.  

If not attended on time, your dog may experience, consistent poor appetite, vomiting, abdominal pain, lethargy, and other health issues. 

6. Leg Paralysis

There can be many reasons why your dog is limping or has trouble walking using one or more legs.  It’s not just uncomfortable but often painful for dogs and regular medications may not be of good use. 

Do let your dog walker and the doggy daycare in West Bloomfield, know of such suspicious health issues to spot the problem before it is too late. 

From arthritis, orthopedic issues to neurological conditions, the underlying condition could be anything and needs a full-body examination for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

7. Vision Problems 

Ocular discharge is common among dogs. But if the eyes are abnormally red and bulging out, it could be some acute health issue, and needs immediate medical intervention.  

Some of the commonly found eye problems among dogs are Dry eye, Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma, and Corneal ulceration. If ignored or left untreated, a complete loss of vision is a possible outcome. 

We have listed seven such signs that need not be ignored. Take your pooch for regular vet visits to provide timely medical care and ensure a hale and hearty dog, life long.