Wondering how you can keep your pets happy while you’re away? With Tampa dog boarding and pet daycares like TyVy, you can put your worries aside and enjoy your time away from home, knowing that your pets are happy and cared for!

There’s simply no getting around the fact that dogs need care and attention, especially when they’re young. To keep dogs from getting too sad or anxious from being away from their owners, dogs require lots of activity and socialization – we have some really exciting activities planned that they won’t be able to resist!

Be it indoor or outdoor, there is a lot to make your dog wag their tail in joy. Sounds exciting? So, let’s look into some of the things we have it for them to keep them happy and healthy:

  1. Play, Play and More Play ……..

You have to admit that dogs love to play, and at TyVy, we make a point to let them do plenty of just that. We indulge them in many exciting activities to lift their spirits throughout the day!

Of all, fetch and playing with the rings have to be the favorite amongst all the dogs here. They enjoy being challenged! We provide a leash-free play area with plenty of supervisors to keep your dogs safe, while also getting in on the fun!

  1. Nosy Dog Hunt

Heard of nosy dog? Well, that’s their natural talent. And here we use it to their advantage to play them an interesting game to test their mental ability.

Be it indoors or outdoors, these easy-to-play scent games are sure shot winners amongst all the dogs.

Let’s see how to play that?

Lure your pet with any of their favorite treats say popcorn, peas or probably a popular toy. They may resist initially but a slice of meat could do the trick, and they will sniff around to win the hunting game! We test them in an over-stimulating environment and let them hunt it down with all their mettle. This engaging game will hone their inherent sensing power.

  1. Training Time!

Discipline is important for pets in all events and situations. So, even if they are in daycare, it’s a good idea to check up on their behavior.

You may get fascinated hearing ‘dog training’, especially if you’ve just adopted your first pet. However, the truth is that obedience training is a daunting task you certainly can’t avoid.


Overwhelmed seeing your dog shake their paw or give a hi5? When activities like this aren’t repeated, your dog may actually not listen to your commands. At TyVy, we understand the necessity of disciplining pet behavior and have a proper schedule for pets to do their obedience training. Trust our dog trainers to employ the best tricks in the book to train your dog with the utmost patience and care!

We also offer tunnel running challenges for dogs, where they have to use their instincts and intellect as they walk through a wide and pet-safe tunnel. This is one of our dogs’ favorite activities! Dogs learn to burrow and speed through the simplest of the tunnels, and can be put through advanced training. However, we go slowly with those who take their time.

It’s an interesting game for your dog, so we let them be, and make further plans depending on their response to the training. We never enforce activity, but simply draw their interest to activities they might enjoy. If you’d like to know more about our pet training, contact us!

  1. Let’s Go For a Walk!

Evening walks are refreshing for dogs. We have a grassy common area to take your pet for leashed walks.

Young dogs and puppies are in for tons of outdoor activities. Adult and older dogs sometimes need a bit of coaxing to convince them to go out for walks, and we have designated staff members to take your pet outside for fresh air and fun.

  1. Nap Time

Game and training are sure fire ways to ensure your pets will get a good night’s sleep – they need rest to calm down their agitated nerves in a new environment after all the fun.

At TyVy, we manage their activities in a way that allows them to get plenty to rest. We have special rooms with sufficient space where they can rest while soothing music plays around. There are soft beddings for them to lie down in utmost comfort.

Spanning up to 15 min or so, depending on their need, our trained staff members give body massage to put them to rest. After all, it is important for your pets to recharge their batteries after a day full of activities! Body massages are great for pets who typically have trouble falling asleep; have you ever given your dog a belly rub? If you have, you know it’s a great way to calm your pets down and prepare them for sleep.

TyVy believes in providing as much to your pets as possible; an at-home environment, plenty of play and plenty of rest are what our pet hotels so much fun! If you’re looking for dog daycare in Tampa or West Bloomfield, give us a call to schedule your pet’s next stay at TyVy!