Are you planning a family trip to an exotic location during upcoming holiday season, but worried about who will take care of your beloved pet dog in your absence?

For pet lovers, leaving a pet unattended even for a day can cause anxiety. When it comes to traveling for a long duration, then any pet lover is likely to feel restless.

The good news for pet lovers is that now they can leave their cuddly pets for a number of days at a luxurious yet affordable dog boarding care where your pet will be taken care of just like the way you do.

You do not have to feel the guilt of leaving your pet at home all alone, because well-equipped boarding homes provide a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Choosing a trustworthy and caring dog boarding home can be a tricky task, but if you follow below-mentioned tips then you can make an informed decision and choose the best for your lovely pet.

Read on to know more about it.

  1. Visit the pet care facility you are considering and check how clean and well-maintained it is. Is it spacious and hygienic? Are rooms well-lit and well-organized?

What are the facilities provided to ensure your pet remains comfortable and relaxed? Talk to its staff and ask questions about your day boarding concerns.

At the same time, you should observe the behavior of the staff and if they can answer your questions satisfactorily or not. You can also consider taking your pet along to the facility you’re considering and leave him/her for a day.

This will also help you in determining whether your pet will be comfortable in your absence or not.

  1. Find more on the day to day routine of the day care facility. This includes the number of walks per day, food, grooming, activities for dogs to burn off excess calories, among many other things. You should also ask about overnight care for your pet as well.
  2. Dogs sometimes can find it difficult to cope with change in the environment. Look for the amenities provided by the facility to relieve the stress of changing a dog’s environment.

Look for a facility like TyVy that offers plenty of amenities besides having friendly staff who keeps your buddy involved in  various playful activities and keep them happy.

  1. Since your dog will be left in the company of other dogs for a few days, you should see the facility’s policy on staff supervision of the dogs. Does the facility have experienced and qualified pet trainers besides a licensed veterinarian?

Make sure that the day boarding facility is staffed 24 hours a day. No pet should be left alone unattended and a staff person(s) should be available in the event of an emergency.

  1. Though you love your pet and want the best boarding facility for him/her, you should choose a facility whose prices suit your budget. Use a facility that does not compromise on the well-being of your beloved pet while keeping its prices reasonable.

Summing it up, your loyal dog deserves to be pampered with utmost love, care, and affection. TvVy offers the best care for your dog/cat in your absence through luxurious, well-equipped facilities with a relaxed environment where your pet can thrive until you return.

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