Many find it pleasing to share their home with a four-legged friend but not everyone feels that way. Dog lovers susceptible to common allergies have a hard time but we have 5 tips that may come handy:

Know & Understand Pet Allergies –

Know what exactly these pet allergies include. How it happens and what are the most expected possibilities of developing such allergies.

Usually, pet allergies are a reaction to the protein in a pet’s urine, saliva, and dander (dead skin). If you are to parent a dog despite the allergies, we recommend a hypoallergenic dog! 

It is hard to find an ideal hypoallergenic dog, yet there are some recommended breeds for pet lovers with mild allergies – Afghan Hound, Bedlington Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Giant Schnauzer, and other hairless and low-shedding dogs.

Here are a few easy & effective tips to manage pets in such situations:

Say NO To Carpets –

Pets look cute when they sit or sleep on the carpet. But during all this, what they leave behind is a cluster of hairs. Carpets easily trap pet hairs that are hard to vacuum. Replace carpets with vinyl laminate, wooden tiles, etc.

Restrict Movement – 

Although your pup is family, make some room for the area where your dog is not allowed.  It can be anything, from your bedroom, dining or even kitchen. For this, you can make your pet undergo training as well.

There are many pet boarding service providers in West Bloomfield where your dog can be trained for basic to advanced behavior.

Air Purifiers Make A Difference –

Keep an air purifier with HEPA filter in your living area and in rooms where your pet spends the max time. It helps to keep the indoor air clean and sans the particles causing allergies. For the best results, use it for at least four hours a day.

Pet Hygiene –

Take your pet out to a salon & spa for professional care. There are several dog daycare centers in West Bloomfield providing grooming services like- pedicure, bath, blowout, teeth & ear cleaning to ensure your pup is clean and happy.

Feel free to reach us via 813-543-6119.  It is advisable to take your pet for a spa at least twice a month.

Regular Bathing –

Bathing your pet is a big task! Ask any pet parent and they will have amusing stories to share. Many people recommend bathing your dog after a gap of 15-20 days to maintain hygiene and reduce the impact of allergy on others. Do consult your vet to know the ideal time gap for your dog or cat.

Seek Professional Assistance –

Be kind to the dogs or cats – whosoever you’re parenting. Be careful while selecting the breed so that you do not have to regret it later.

Seek the opinion of other fellow pet parents or professionals experts for some workable tricks.

Do let us know how you deal with dog allergies. Write your thoughts on the comment section below.

Happy pup nurturing!