As much as you want to cuddle and care your dog all day long, discipline is hard to ignore. Here, we have five tips to make your pooch a good boi!

Raising a dog is no less than a baby at home – not practically though. They are such goofballs filling your life with unconditional love and support.

I’m sure many pet lovers reading this would agree. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the four-legged animal sets the mood of your home. This brings us to the moot point here – dog training.

Discipling your dog is not a cakewalk! A well-trained dog means you no longer have to shout your guts out saying – NO, every other second.

Ask any pet parent and they will have a long list of dog tales. From rolling out the toilet papers out of the bathroom, barking at the sight of another dog, digging the backyard, chewing the sticks and the list is endless.

Most pet parents provide basic training themselves to build a natural bond. Many others hire trainers or the best send them in the best dog daycare center in Tampa, FL for professional training!

The choice is all yours!

You must know the fundamentals of dog training. Why? Your dog spends the maximum time in your home. You and your family’s behavior has a strong influence to shape your dog’s personality!

Without much ado, let’s begin…

1.  Learning Begins at Home

Pet parents have an instrumental role to play in correcting their dog’s behavior.  Every dog goes through various development stages – puppy, adolescent, and grown-up adult.

Be proactive and manage their behavior at every stage so they do not fall for the unwanted habits. They must know what’s wrong and the rights of your home just like your kids do. Instead of letting them on their own, make them understand what’s not an appropriate behavior.

For instance, puppies have a habit of chewing stuff such as slippers, furniture. Correct them then and there, so

1) They know the owners disagree

 2} They do not repeat

Easier said than done. Dog training seeks patience and perseverance but in our never-ending busy lives, active training is hard but not entirely impossible! .

2. Treatos do the Trick!

Treats are a must-have to keep your dog’s conduct at check. If everything else fails, treats or food can be your ultimate savior.

And when it comes to dog training, treats are the bait to impart the right level of discipline in different situations.  Every dog has a weak spot – something tempting or irresistible. From chicken nuggets, crunchy snacks to cheese bar or anything more, trainers experiment with a variety of food to determine the trigger point of your dog.

All you need to do is identify the food that works for your dog!

An important thing to consider: how you use that food is equally important. For instance, if it’s given after your dog behaves properly, they consider it a reward. In an otherwise situation where you want to stop them from doing something, it’s a bait the owners using to trick them.

Notice the difference. Dogs are highly perceptive in nature. They can very well gauge how and when to get a treat without listening to your instructions.

Also, use treats moderately so they realize the importance of the right behavior to win treats.

We understand that this practice may not cut the mustard when exposed to a highly distracting situation. For instance, if your dog is hyper seeing the guests around,  and literally can’t wait to jump on them, you have to pacify with a treat or two.

3. Be A Buddy Not Badass

Your dog needs to learn boundaries. The invisible walls they need not cross at your slight cue. From bouncing over the couch, hurrying ahead while walking, scraping the doors to any other action, many dogs disobey till you set boundaries for them.

This nowhere means you have to be extra strict.

 ‘You’ – the owner ( or leader) – must be the guiding force for them in this world.

You do not have to be the boss! Understand their disobedience is not a sign of a misbehaved dog;  it is a behavioral issue that can be managed well.

Be resilient while teaching obedience; be stern when needed else make them feel accepted as a family member

4. Make Time For Your Furry Dude!

We understand your platter is full  – so much work as if the entire world is sitting on your shoulder (*Pun Intended).

Squeeze in some time for the four-legged friend for some real fun. Take him for walks, parks, pool parties or even travel the world!  Have a one-to-one with your dog. Even if the dogs do not understand human language, they are blessed with an incredibly rewarding perceptive power.

A study shows that animals can read positive and negative emotions. Talking about that, researcher Dr. Kun Guo, from the University of Lincoln’s School of Psychology, said: “ Dogs have the ability to integrate two different sources of sensory information into a coherent perception of emotion in both humans and dogs”.

Instead of pulling out a laptop for work or browsing on mobile, pamper your dog with your valuable time. Pat their head, rub their belly or just play around.

Make them feel your love and care!

5. Send Them To A Home Away From Home

We know there can be no replacement to your home. But what if your pooch gets to do all the fun with new friends while being cared for? Not a bad deal – right?

We’re talking about a dog daycare in West Bloomfield, MI  or Tampa, FL – TYVY – that has all the comfort and convenience you wish for your pooch.  From day boarding, grooming to even professional training, your dog will get all the love and attention while you’re occupied with work or traveling outside.

Learn how you can keep your dogs happy away from home.

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