Americans’ love for their pets is evident in dog parks and grooming parlors. According to The American Pet Products Association, almost 85 million households have pets.

This data itself shows the depth of love we humans have for our pets.

Do my puppy need grooming? This is the first thing that strikes upon welcoming the new best friend home. Well, all puppies require some level of grooming, and they need to be checked now and then, so they stay healthy and clean all the time.

There are plenty of dog daycare centers in Tampa to visit. Being a part of the pampering and grooming session of your pooch is a rare bliss. It’s a great way to make your pet feel loved and who knows, you might discover some coolest traits of your beloved friend.

For DIY grooming, here is the step by step guide to training your furry friend to enjoy pampering and grooming session:

1.    Get Your Dog Comfortable With Human Handling

Pat different parts of his body. Praise and reward them for staying calm and allowing you to handle them. Pat them on the chest area, then gradually work towards other areas such as legs. They get comfortable with this, try to lift a paw, one at a time.

Keep praising them that they allow general handling. This will make your dog less likely to react when you touch other areas of their body while grooming.

2.    Brushing Begins

Slowly introduce your pooch to a brush. Try to associate the brush with delicious dog treats and use reward-based training.

For instance, if your pup remains happy and calm when the brush is laid next to them, then reward with food treats of their choice.

 Eventually, your dog will associate the brush with something pleasant and wonderful.

Once your dog is used to having the brush next to them, try brushing gently with a few strokes on the chest area. Over time, you can increase the number of brush strokes and the duration. Be sure to brush in the direction of the hair growth only. You can refer to the best dog daycare in West Bloomfield, MI for professional assistance.

3.    Trimming Nails

Start by touching the nails for just a moment and then praise  your dog. Slowly squeeze your dog’s nail gently to imitate the pressure applied by clippers. Once your dog is comfortable with you touching their nails, carefully introduce the cutting apparatus.

Depending upon your pup’s size, you may use a file, clipper, or an electronic Dremel. Start off filing one nail at a time instead of holding the whole foot. Praise your puppy after the first trim. Make sure to work evenly on your dog’s front and back feet both for trimming.

4.    It’s Bath Time

If your pooch does enjoy baths, good job! But, if he runs the other way and scared that he shakes all the time, then start with making the bath area a fascinating place to indulge in. Feed him favorite meals in the bathing area to make him believe that the tub is an enjoyable space.

The dog’s part is getting in the tub, and its standing still. Now, focus on getting your pup face one way, so it’s more comfortable for you to clean both sides of the body. Use cotton balls to prevent water from getting into the ears as it may lead to an ear infection.

5.    Drying

Dry off with large absorbent towels. Avoid using hair dryers since many dogs dont like air blowing too hot in their fur. If hair dryers are unavoidable, supervise the dog at all times. Avoid the head area and make sure the air is at a comfortable temperature.

The dryer should be placed at a good distance from the dog.

If your pup has always hated being pampered or groomed, any of these training steps will take a little longer time to achieve, so be patient throughout the process. Let your furry friend set the pace.

When your dog is comfortable, and enjoy the grooming session; it is no less than a TREAT.