Dogs are perhaps one among the most special creatures on this earth. The way they bond with humans is beautiful. And despite the fact that they thrive in a group and they still bring absolute joy and delight to the home of a pet lover where they are the only dog. 

For how human life is, there will be times when life gets busy and you have to leave your pup alone at home. And that is what makes it imperative for you to ensure one thing the moment you welcome this new member into your home. You  must teach your puppy to enjoy being alone and finding peace in it. This way, you will be able to leave your furry friend without any heartaches on either side.

Alternatively, though you may consider enrolling your dog in a dog boarding facility in Tampa, that ensures your pet lives happily in a safe environment, having fun with other fellow dogs.

However, as a pet owner, it does not hurt to teach your pup how to be confident and calm during the time you both are not together.

We have combined a few fantastic ways to get started with the training process:

Use a Dog Den

Start by teaching your pup to be alone while you are within the house. Use a casket or exercise pen as they will consider it as a place to relax rather than for punishment. On the other hand, you can restrict your furry friend to a small area with baby gates.

To make your pup feel that it’s a good place to be in, feed proper meals inside that confined but comfortable space. And, if it is big enough for you to play together, you can entice your dog with special toys.

Help It Adjust

Let your furry friend spend some more time in this very area. Start by giving a chew toy and close the area for a short while. Once you open it, reward them with a treat and praise. 

Repeat it and slowly increase the time being away from your puppy. Don’t make too much fuss about it or else they may start feeling sad and uncared for. And, you don’t want that. Do you?

Don’t forget that this exercise is just to teach them to stay at home alone while you are away. Once your puppy is confident, exhibit good behavior, you can give them access to your home.

Nurture’s Joy

Whenever your puppy is in a confined space, give them something constructive to do, such as bully sticks, chew toys stuffed with food or milk chew candy. And, always watch your dog with any new toy so you are sure they are safe with all the play happening.

You can even use the radio or TV to keep the dog entertained. But, be careful with the sound play as it has a huge impact on how dogs behave. Go for soothing music as it won’t distress them, rather they would spend more time sleeping and relaxing.

Last but not least, if you are finding it difficult to spend time with your furry friend, find a professional pet sitter to keep a watchful eye on. Your puppy sitter can help with them in potty training and pay attention to his activities.

To Sum, it All up

For the sake of your pooch and your own peace of mind, it’s important that you work on your puppy and make it independent enough for making the right choice in your absence.

Doing this will keep your pup from getting anxious and frightened, at the same time you will not feel awful for walking out of the door, leaving your friend behind. 

On the other hand, if your pet is causing problems during the training, consider enrolling it into the Tampa fl dog daycare facility.