Your dog would always react to a change. Call it an environment change, diet pattern or meeting a stranger, it makes them react differently. So, you can imagine if it’s about sending them to a day boarding!

After you pick up your dog from Tampa-based dog daycare you may notice some changes in his or her behavior. Regardless of how hygienic and conducive, the environment is, there are some behavioral patterns you would notice in your pup post-boarding:

1. Eating Or Drinking More

If your dog is acting like he has not been fed properly in the last week or month, be assured. He certainly has had access to more of the food than he needed. 

It is natural for them to drink or eat less while they are in boarding. A new environment makes them less comfortable than they would be at home. Consequently, they tend to catch up on their calories once they get home. Its a matter of a few days that the sudden shift in diet pattern would come back to normal. 

2. Change In Sleep

Home-coming for your furry friend means more rest and sleep. For a day or two, expect them to sleep soundly. The reason being boarding is a busy environment and a high chance your dog would be entertained with walks and games results in less time for sleep. 

They are rightfully tired after all the fun they have had. So, they would sleep a bit more than usual.

3. Coughing

Cough is a common infection of the respiratory system and affects most dogs especially when they live in close proximity to one another in a dog boarding facility. 

Though a dog’s respiratory system is designed to protect them against big to small infections, the crowded environment means that canines are less able to fight it effectively. Dogs who are young or suffering from any illness are also more vulnerable. 

4. Personality Change

When you get your furry friend back home from the boarding facility, he/she may become extra clingy or ignore you completely. Both are normal to happen.

For instance, your dog might take it as a personal offense that you went on an adventure trip without him for almost a week. As he is angry, he might give you a silent treatment for a day or two. In another instance, he/she projects gratitude that you are finally returned to the home, clings you for a day or two. 

Both responses vary to the breed and general personality of your furry friend. 

5. Stomach Issues

In a lot of cases, dogs come back home with an upset stomach. This could be because they had an excess of food instead of a balanced diet.

On the other hand, frequent vomits can also be caused by stress. In many dogs, this stress may be the result of anxiety or when they get excited about coming home. 

When your furry friend is cared for by a reliable dog daycare in West Bloomfield, MI, they are much more likely to have an enjoyable, healthy and stress-free experience. However, such aforementioned changes in your dog’s boarding are not anything to worry about. 

You know your little pup better than anyone else so make sure you find the best boarding facility that caters to everything your dog needs to survive and live comfortably.