Love snuggling your dog in your bed? Who doesn’t? But what if the dog looks dirty? It’s hard for pet parents not to cuddle them but some basic tips can keep things fine. So how can you groom your dog without stepping out? Read to learn more …

Dog grooming is no longer an option for owners. Whether your pooch loves staying indoors or is a hopeless nature wanderer, keeping your dog clean should be the topmost priority.

From preventing common infections to maintaining the highest level of hygiene, dog grooming has profound benefits to keep your furry friend healthy, hip and happening!

Most pet parents are pro in dog grooming, but many others struggle to get hold of their naughty bud.

Herein, we provide 5 such tips that you can’t ignore while parenting a dog at home:

1.    Be Regular & Not Lazy Bone

Does your pet has a furry coat?  Just imagine the nightmare if you clean that after weeks or so? Start grooming your dog at an early age only. Seek the opinion of your vet to know how often you need to bathe your dog.

This helps your dog get comfortable with the routine, and starts enjoying the bathing sessions. Remember, many dogs such as shih tzus and Pomeranians have the propensity of developing skin issues if cleaning is delayed.

And the cleaning means bathing, combing coat, cleaning ears, clipping nails and if possible, dressing him/her up for an outing.  You can reach out to professionals for special grooming in the best doggy daycare west Bloomfield, MI.

2. Patience Is The Bone

Dogs are very good at sensing your mood swings.

Be watchful while you’re grooming to notice their reaction. Identify what they like or not, as they come in contact with shampoo, water or any other grooming tool. Look for signs such as trembling or whining while holding any body part.

Be extra cautious with clippers as many dogs tend to panic while forwarding their paws. Be patient or better distract them with treats or toys to do the needful.

Dogs are smart, but owners have to be extra smart!

Unconditional love and kindness have no replacement, and with an extra dash of patience, you can simply do wonders with dog grooming in your home itself.

3.  Not Just Anywhere

Dog grooming must be in a well lit and safe place, so they do not trip or fall, invariably hurting them. A big no to tethering your dog while grooming.

Use a plastic bathtub and lukewarm water to bathe them gently. Rinse them properly to avoid soapy water entering their eyes. This experience should be memorable for all the right reasons.

So be selective where you do the grooming on a regular basis. Also, grooming sessions can be a good moment to bond with your pooch. You can’t mess around with that. Do you?

4. Safe dog-grooming Products

How careful you’re with the products you choose for your four-legged bud? Have a closer look into the fur and skin type before choosing the shampoo, conditioner, brush and even towels.

Search online or consult your veterinarian on the best possible products for your dog. The same goes for brush, nail clippers, trimmer, paw creams, oil, etc. They should be of high-quality and best suited for your dog!

Remember, long-haired breeds need special care to avoid any skin infection or disease. You must know things about managing a long-haired dog or best is seek veterinarian consultation!

5. Too Much Is Not Too Good 

Dog’s hygiene is important, but overdoing does no good.  Many dogs refuse to stay calm and controlled despite numerous baits during regular cleaning or bathing.

For that matter, many owners resist grooming their dogs back home. If this is the case, consider seeking the help of professionals at a dog daycare in Tampa. Having industry knowledge and experience makes TYVY a popular choice for pet parents in and around the region.

Do share your experience with your dog’s care in the comments section below.