You love your pets as much as you love your family. Having them at home means you have loyal, alert, and affectionate companions who expect nothing but your care and attention. However, there are times when you cannot take your cuddly pets to some places due to many reasons.

You may be out of your city for a couple of weeks for a business visit, or on a vacation to another location where it’s not possible to take your pet with you. This leaves you with an option to leave your pet at a reliable hotel in your absence.

You are not the only person who kind of feels uneasy and concerned at the thought of leaving your pet at a facility for the first time. Though there are a lot of pet hotels, you should remember that not all of them are created equal.

You should do some research on our own to find out which pet facility is better equipped with the right team and environment to offer the best care.

Given below are some essential features you will find only in a reputable pet hotel:

Amenities & Facilities: You cannot afford to leave your pet at a facility that’s not well-kept and lacks even basic facilities and amenities. It will only add to its woes. Do not forget to check if the pet hotel can provide an optimum level of comfort and care to your pet in your absence.

Since your pet will be in a new environment, it should be neat, spacious, and stress-free so that it can relax and find comfort like that of your home. Prepare the list of basic and luxurious amenities the pet hotel has to offer and use it to compare with other facilities before making a final decision.

Qualified & Experienced Staff: As mentioned earlier, the best pet hotel offers a successful combination of experienced, professional staff and advanced amenities to provide the best care. Having a well-trained staff is very important to handle daily pet activities as well as emergencies that have to be dealt with efficiently.

The hotel staff should be able to keep a sharp eye on the activities of every pet there, and quickly recognize if your pet is behaving unusually from normal.

Rates: Though you want the best hotel for your loyal companion, you should compare the rates of 2-4 popular pet hotels in your location to see which one offers the right package that suits your budget.

Choosing the cheapest pet hotel may not be a wise idea because it often means the service provider has compromised on the quality of service in more ways than one. Choose a hotel that offers a good value for money alternative to you.

Webcam Capabilities: It’s natural for you to miss your pet when it is not with you. You may be anxious to check on him, and that’s possible when you choose a pet hotel with webcam capabilities. This means you can check-in with your pets whenever you want, from any place you want. This will also give you peace of mind knowing it is safe and comfortable at the pet hotel.

Playgroups: Choosing a good pet facility is not only about ensuring a neat, safe, and supervised place for your pet for a few days; it is also about making sure it has all the fun in the company of other dogs there.

If your pet is exposed to other pets, he will get a good company to keep itself entertained. Too much of solitude is not good for your pet, especially when its owners are away.

Summing it Up

Choosing a good pet hotel is important to ensure you have a peace of mind. TyVy is a unique pet hotel for cats and dogs offering a safe, happy, and healthy environment for your trusted companions in your absence. It is an all-inclusive pet hotel featuring a full-service salon and spa, on-site veterinarian, and retail outlet for fancy felines and fashionable pups. Would like to know more? Contact us