Whether you are thinking about sending your dog to a pet boarding center in Tampa or planning to devote half an hour every day to coach your pet, here, in this post, we list the four essential skills your dog must learn: –

Skill 1: Accept the Strangers

In our homes, people come-in just about every day, right from the plumber to fix the leaking washroom tap or your kid’s best pals, therefore, your dog must accept strangers. 

Even if the person is visiting your place for the first time, your pet mustn’t show any sign of aggression. 

Skill 2: Walking With Leash

Most dog trainers are well-experienced with making the pets to learn how to walk with leashes. 

This skill takes a lot of time & practice, both from the end of the pet and his/her mentor, the training begins with healing and loose leash walking and later the dog will learn to ignore distractions and move ahead at the right place. 

Skill 3: Behaviour Training

Although the dogs are active and perform many tasks all day long, your pet still has to spend a lot of time sitting quietly and obediently for hours. Thus, it is vital that your pet can sit still for a long period, at least for two hours. 

The still behavior training is quite complicated and isn’t one day chore, thereby it is a no-brainer to reach a qualified dog trainer who is having a wealth of practical experience for this.

Skill 4: Obedience Training

A pet dog will cause everyday headaches to his/her master if the pet isn’t obedient. It is important to make sure that your dog can recognize, understand the different commands and respond to them. There’s simply no room for mistakes when it comes to the safety of your kids, neighbors, and strangers in the streets when you take your pet for a walk. 

Key Aspects of Obedience Training Includes:

  • Name Recognition
  • Clicker Training
  • Understanding Basic Commands 

So, if your pet isn’t obedient to your command, then you either enroll your pet for a dog boarding center in Tampa for proper training. 

Final Words

The above are not the only skills your four-legged, furry friend must-have. Your pet should learn how to maintain a balance between friendly and recognize the danger of strangers entering your place with bad intentions. If necessary, your pet must be taught to take commands from others.