Winters are frightening for pets though they have the luxury to have warm places to sleep, animals outdoor have a rough time. In various areas of the country, like Tampa, feral cats can be seen everywhere.

The Humane Society pegs the number of feral cats at 50 million. Often, these little furry animals live in small territories. While resourceful, they might need gentle care to survive through the extreme winter weather.

Here is what you can do to help your little furry friends in the community:

1.  Shelter

Usually, cats have thick coats, but, they still need some warmth from the chilly weather.

Building a shelter on your own is quite easy and simple. Size is a crucial factor in the process of designing housing. It must be big enough to keep the body of the cat warm inside. If the shelter is extra large, it will be hard to keep the space cozy.

Straw is the ideal material to line the shelter as it enables cute felines to burrow. In addition, pillowcases stuffed with shredded newspapers are also a good option. But, the pillowcases need to be washed and re-stuffed regularly. So, make a choice wisely.

Tip: Try to avid insulating shelters with towels, blankets or folded newspapers.

2.  Food And Water

Cats need food almost daily, so they are strong enough to hunt. Another reason your furry friend needs regular feeding is that it takes a lot of energy to maintain body temperature during the cold winter.

Keep food and water near the shelter where it is easily accessible and safe from the harmful elements. Use heated bowls as it will prevent water and food from freezing before felines eat or drink.

Tip: Provide dry food to kittens because it does not freeze and good for the digestive system.

3.  Heaters Or Warming Pads

Depending upon your budget, investing in enclosed oil-filled radiator heaters is an excellent way to keep the outdoor cats warm and comfortable. As they are fully enclosed, there is no fire risk while kittens indulge in some extra heat.

You can also board them in the nearest pet boarding in Tampa.

You can control the amount of heat produced. Turn on and off the heater when a comfortable temperature is reached. Another option, microwaveable heating pads. They last for upto 10 hours before they need to be reheated.

Tip: Buy Heating pads to provide some additional heat to cat shelters.

Hopefully, you would find these tips useful in taking good care of feral cats, especially during the winter season. In a scenario where you are away from your home to fulfill social obligations, it makes sense to resort to a cat boarding facility in West Bloomfield, MI so you can rest assured that your little kitten is in safe hands.