I love TyVy and the staff there. They make each “parent” feel like their dog is very special. Buddy has made many friends there both furry and human. It is so nice to have him play all day rather then be in his crate at home. He is much happier and has more energy. I am so fortunate that TyVy is open in our area and recommend them to everyone I can. Buddy boards there and has Dayplay there. It is nice to go away and not have to worry about him. I know they love him and he loves each of them as well. It is definitely his home away from home. We could not be happier.

Heidi R.

First of all the whole facility is sparkling clean, completely organized, and completely pet-centric. The team there are genuinely nice people, who are lovely with my dog. I could see him play on my phone and interact with people who work there and the other dogs. Their business model is high quality care and attention to the animals who come to board or for “day play”. Try it out – then tell everyone you know so they’ll keep building them as well as hire more great people to work with our dogs and cats in this area.

You’ll see what a lovely facility it is, don’t let the surrounding area fool you. It’s a palace inside.

Erica C.

This place is amazing! It is VERY clean and well kept and the staff is very friendly and provide a wonderful personalized experience! They have 109 modern pet apartments, VIP style suites, agility training facilities, grooming, vet services, and the indoor and outdoor play areas are more than what most of us get in staying in a people-hotel! The prices are very reasonable for EVERYTHING your pet receives during their stay! Definitely an awesome one stop shop! TyVy also has a cute boutique shop for grooming supplies, pet outfits, and pet snacks! Kind of dangerous for us crazy pet people. Lol!

They do free tours of their facilities any time! You need to make a stop if you’re ever in the area! The location is great too — even if you just need them to take care of your pet for the day or evening…or even during a game (they are a stones throw from the stadiums)!

Love this new addition to the Tampa pet community!

Mala V.

Highly recommend. The staff is awesome! They take great care of our precious puppy! Zoe loves going to play with her friends! I really like that they make sure she is happy and accommodate her by placing her with other dogs that enjoy running and playing as hard as she does and not just placing her with dogs her size that may not like to play as much. Makes me feel good knowing when I drop her off I can trust she is being very well taken care of and she is happy.

Nena W.

Absolutely amazing! We usually take our pup on vaca with us, and as much as we love him, traveling isn’t always ideal with a small pet (ever been stuck in an airport because of a flight delay for 8+hrs with a little dog that’s tired of being cooped up in his travel bag? Let me tell you: I wouldn’t wish that scenario on my worst enemy!). This was our first time boarding him and we couldn’t have been happier! This place is like the Ritz for dogs, with their suites, play areas, spa services. Very clean, excellent staff, webcam enabled, very catering to our high maintenance little man (he’s tiny, so he can be nervous and has small dog quirks about him). I loved being able to check in on him via webcam and also love someone is there 24/7. Everyone was so nice when we called to check on him (we were “those” pup parents). They also emailed us little report cards of what he was up to and also pics, which made our trip that much more enjoyable. I love that he had ample play time with dogs his size! We loved it so much there that we are going to start taking him to daycare there so he can play with other dogs and learn to be more social. Oh…and prices are SUPER reasonable!! As a neurotic pet parent, I can confidently say I 100% would recommend!

Hayley K.

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