Tyson and Ivy have different personalities and different attributes. But what do they have in common? TyVy (think of it like Brangelina) need a diverse amount of love, care and attention; just like your pets.

Need to be tucked in? We got it. Extra morning treat? Obviously. We can and will accommodate your pet’s every need. Think of us as your family away from home. It’s quite simple, really.

Our trained professionals are inspired by your pets every day, and are constantly thinking of innovative ways to make their stay even better.

TyVy is a uniquely established, regally spirited and one of a kind hotel; for your pets, that was thought about, talked about and put into action in 2014. Our mission is to ensure our clients that their perfect pals are safe, happy and healthy. Our state-of-the-art capabilities provide your pets with top-quality services.

Why stop at nightstay and dayplay? By pushing the boundaries and breaking barriers, TyVy is an all inclusive Pet Hotel that excels and features a full-service salon and spa, on-site veterinarian, and “shaggy” chic retail outlet for fancy felines and fashionable pups. An immense amount of thought has gone into our hotel – from the good for your joints rubber flooring, crazy cat room, to the webcam capabilities that allow you to check-in with your pets, whenever you want. We think of both the wellness of the cats and dogs that stay with us, as well as you. We wish to provide you with a sense of ease when on vacation whether for business or leisure, knowing that your pride and joys are in the best of hands.

Each of our professionals is as passionate about animals as we are – it’s the TyVy difference. It’s what makes us, us. There’s no discrimination here. Equality is strictly enforced!

…And to think it all started with a playful Shih Tzu-Poodle from Ann Arbor, Michigan and a glamorous Maltese from Miami, Florida! Come, Sit, Stay – join the pawty and we promise it’ll be worth it.



TyVy Troy / Rochester Hills


TyVy Plymouth / Canton

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